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Carbon Steel Balls

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Carbon Steel Balls, which we bring forth, replace Bearing Steel Balls where expected wear and tear is less. These Carbon Steel Balls are produced using extremely sophisticated and specialized machines. Starting from the rigorous testing of the wire for all necessary parameters, Carbon Steel Balls are produced in specially designed machines called Headers, Flashers, Grinders and Lappers. Heat treatment, one of the most critical operations, gives required strength and hardness to the Carbon Steel Balls.

Mechanical Properties

Hardness Between 57-63 HRC ( measured on parrel flats)
Tensile Strength 228 kgf/mm2
Specific Weight 7.83 kgf/cm3

Chemical Composition

Component Content (%)
C 0.08-0.20
Si 0.15-0.35
Mn 0.5 Max
P 0.025 Max
S 0.025 Max